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Poultry by-Product Meal

We Offer wide variety of poultry by-products such as Poultry meal, Premier protein, Feather meal , Blood meal, Poultry fat oil etc.

What is a Poultry by-Product Meal ? are made by mashing up bones and organs such as the liver, spleen, and kidneys and removing the moisture until all that remains is the protein – which is then turned into a powder, mixed into a pet food, and labeled as a chicken, beef, or poultry by-product meal

By understanding the uses and benefits of poultry by-product meal, pet owners can make informed choices when selecting food for their beloved companions. For more information or to order poultry meal from a trusted supplier, please contact Mountain Apex at info@mountainapex.com or call +201004611568.

Animal Protein Meal
Poultry Meal by-Product Meal